Tour de Chance – Day 2

The KONA Group’s Glenn Dobson continues his daily blog as he rides from Melbourne to Sydney to raise money for the company charity, ‘Fighting Chance’.

South Gippsland is as Emerald green as Ireland. The cows stand udder deep in a verdant, rolling landscape, a sure sign of one thing – rain! In buckets. Along with a continuing gusting, blustering wind, the riders faced a daunting start to day two on the road. The conditions put paid to the rail trail segment of the day’s ride, with the mud and grit of the trail clogging the gears and threatening permanent mechanical outages. A quick rinse of the bikes at the quaint village of Fish Creek and all was back in order on the tarmac roads. As the riders passed in the shadow of the giant propellers of the aptly placed Toora wind farm the rain was long forgotten. Some strong pace work was possible with the sustained tailwind, speeds hitting 50kms on the long flat stretches into the early lunch destination, Yarram. There were plenty of calories to replace and Kiwi Wayne Oxenham led the field, the family-sized 20cm Boston bun no doubt helping ease the pain felt as his mighty All Blacks fell for the first time to the green of Ireland. He even smiled when handed a cold Guinness at the end of the ride – true pluck. The run into Sale was hard grind on dead roads. Chloe Irwin Whitney, the first woman to ride the Tour de Chance, is pictured above wearing the Spirit jersey, awarded to her on Saturday night to mark this milestone – chapeau! Day three is another long slog of 177 km with 1342m of vertical, a mere warm up for day 4. Oh, the humanity! Tour fact : Using today’s 7 plus hours in the saddle and conservative estimate of an average energy output of 175 watts per cyclist, our team today has generated enough kilowatts to power an average Australian household for two days.

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