The World Looks Better When Your Team’s Conversion Rate Is Good

They say that all men are born equal, but what about salespeople? Some salespeople excel more than others, and one of the criteria that influence the well-being of their careers is: success. Salespeople are exposed to an industry of companies wherein conversion with success and what does not work exists. A poor conversion rate of one or two salespeople in a team can be lived with if the rest are pulling their weight. The problem is however, when all or most members are struggling to convert leads or hit a target, it was precisely for this issue a client recently approached us as their sales team was generating enough leads— but not enough new customers.

What happens when this is the issue?

It would be a mistake to think that falling sales is the only outcome of such a situation. No doubt, the bottom line will suffer when the majority is missing their target, but it may not be the only problem. Here are some of the issues that salespeople experience during conversion:
  • Low Self Esteem – A sales person’s worth is governed by the sales they generate. If their contribution to the company’s total business is below par, their self-esteem is bound to decrease, which often, drags down their performance further. This then becomes a vicious circle.
  • Lack of Team Cohesion – The outcome of only a few sales people meeting their targets is the business becomes too dependent on them. High performing salespeople, then, start feeling that they are doing their work, as well as what others should be doing. The team eventually but inevitably becomes divided—those who meet the target and those who don’t—with each group resenting the other.
Such an atmosphere hinders successful implementation of corrective measures, so should be dealt with quickly and firmly. If your managers are not equipped to handle this, bring in the experts or ask your managers to undergo relevant sales management training and coaching
  • High Attrition Rate – When the team becomes divided, the manager often gets stricter and more demanding with salespeople missing their targets. Too many managers often tell their salespeople to improve their sales skills and, by extension, their sales conversion rates yet, such attempts do not yield significant results because of lack of sales training and coaching expertise of the manager. This, in turn, can lead to a further drop in morale resulting, in the present economy, in people resigning and going elsewhere.

How to solve the issue?

Salespeople are made, not born, and the skills of the trade are learned in classroom training then perfected in the field through coaching. Learning new or polishing existent skills will act as a remedy to the problem, and customised sales training courses to give your sales people an opportunity to grow in perspective and sales. If your salespeople are missing the target or have a low conversion rate, seek the help of a sales training expert. Contact KONA Customised Training and Consulting today to learn more about the different services that can help your company acquire more sales.