Thank You Glenn

Dear Glenn, The workshop/seminar we had with you last week was nothing short of awesome! In fact I had so many ideas running around my head it was hard to sleep that night. I have typed out my notes and Masa and I have an appointment with each other ( after Mr. Shinjo goes , he is our gold International Diamond from Japan} to sit down and go through the fantastic strategies for re-connecting with our existing down lines and using your suggestions of introducing a selected targeted product per month. Masa really likes what ideas I have mentioned so far…and the idea of sending out on mass an emails/ letters, is one of the things we will be implementing. Right away. I will be starting my project of calling on beauty-businesses (at least 10 per day) starting on Thursday and report back to you as per your request. Glenn, what can I say… you cannot possibly realise how much or how helpful you have been. YOU have turned the light on… I have had lots of info before BUT the role playing and the one on one helped me so much more. It makes all the difference. I am not so nervous to get out there, I just didn’t know how I was going to start. You have given me actual dialogue that I can use; finally someone understood what the problem was and has addressed it… Magic! I do realize there will be lots of no’s but it is a numbers game. Glenn, about Jyoti and Rajvindar…. thank-you, they are so very excited… Jyoti and I have both some homework for you, and we will be meeting with Rajvindar tonight at the office. Mr. Shinjo is to give another Presentation there. We have told him about you and how absolutely great you are. Thank-you again