Sales Management Training & Coaching

As You Think About Some of Your Sales Managers, What Keeps You Awake at Night?

  • Team results are below target or inconsistent
  • They are too administrative and need to become better coaches
  • They are good technical managers and need to be better people managers
  • They are silo mangers who need to step up to become a leader in the business
  • They are newly promoted and have not had any formal management coaching, including people management, business management and pipeline, budgeting and forecasting
  • Their presentations are dull and uninspiring

KONA Group’s Hearts and Minds™ Sales Management Training and Coaching will Help Your Sales Managers and Sales People to:

  • Increase sales and revenue to get their sales people on target
  • Increase overall performance, effectiveness, productivity and results
  • Gain confidence in themselves and their own capability as a manager
  • Spend less time behind the desk and more time coaching their people
  • Understand the core sales management principles of running a sales team
  • Motivate and renew the team they have inherited
  • Set goals, forecast, plan activity, and manage their time effectively
  • Have those ‘tough conversations’ with their non-performers around attitudes, behaviours and performance
  • Ultimately transition from ‘doers’ to ‘leaders’ pragmatically, not theoretically

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