Resilience in Sales can be Learnt

Surely having resilient sales staff would be of great benefit and value to any organisation, especially one undergoing major change and upheaval in a highly competitive market environment?

Commonly ‘resilience’ is used (sometimes overused) in the media only when natural disasters occur. And of course the individuals and towns involved have to very quickly learn or sharpen their resilience in the face of enormous emotional, environmental and financial upheaval and strain beyond what many of us could ever imagine.

The fact that disaster struck regions have developed a ‘resilient town strategy’ suggests that it goes beyond merely disaster management.

So how is this similar to your organisation?

If resiliency is only seen as for times of turmoil and natural disaster then one can see how it can often be seen as negative. But the true definition of resiliency is not about ‘waiting for a disaster to happen’ and then switching into ‘survival mode’.

Resilience is about an “individual’s capacity to manage stress, remain healthy, rebound and learn from unexpected setbacks, plus prepare for future challenges proactively”.

The key word being ‘proactively’.

Just look at how organisations have changed their HR Strategy in the last 10 years.

Move beyond surviving to thriving in adversity

We need to move beyond the concept of resiliency being merely surviving to actually thriving in times of change and uncertainty.

Building resilient sales teams requires a focus on forward thinking and a cultural shift.

Not just a disaster recovery plan or a one off workshop.

Develop resiliency as an ongoing development objective

It involves understanding what makes up resilient individuals and teams and then creating a sustainable plan to cultivate and develop resiliency as an ongoing development objective.

In this era where the topic of mental health and depression no longer holds the same stigma of past years, organisations have a responsibility to their people not just their bank balances and shareholders, so it is crucial they address the topic as part of their HR Procedures.

So don’t wait for a disaster or a major event to happen before you think about embedding resiliency training in your workplace.

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