Power Point Presentations That Work

Presentations of all types have a similar objective – to convey a message. Power Point is a fabulous tool to support your objective and has its own set of rules. Try these powerful steps…
  1. Get clear on what you want to achieve from your presentation.
  2. Choose appropriate images, graphs, charts etc and Lead Your Listeners Through Them. While the information to you is obvious it’s probably new to your listeners. e.g. When the below graph is displayed people will be trying to decipher the information as you speak and this will cause confusion.
Are you reading across or reading down? Did you start talking about the great profits etc?

  3. Here’s what to do. A) Display the title and provide background information B) Display the headings and describe them briefly C) Display item by item or line by line or column by column and describe in as much detail as required. OR if necessary show the entire graph and… D) Lead them through by directing them to your starting point and which direction you will be moving. Say ‘we budgeted wwww in January and sold 1234’ because of… Remove the assumptions from your presentations and lead your listeners on a guided tour and make sure you convey your message Clearly and Concisely. For more information please contact KONA’s Public Speaking Training expert Timothy Kitchingn on 1300 611 288 or info@KONA.com.au