Positive Disruption and the Creation of Commercially Aggressive Leaders

Many businesses these days can be seem teeming with ambitious managers but desperately short of leaders – Commercially Aggressive Leaders. The company you are in right now may probably be exhibiting such forms of leadership up on the higher rungs. There may be plenty of changes taking place in the strategies, structure and engineering of your organization yet your company is nowhere near in making the BIG progress that you are all expecting. Leaders and managers in many businesses and companies today may have wonderful ideas in mind to get the business to move forward. The problem, however, is that these leaders are sometimes too afraid to put the ideas into execution. The brilliant plan stays in the drawing board, always an objective and never coming into fruition. The company’s leaders and managers have lost the nerve, the spunk, the commercial aggressiveness that is necessary to propel the business to greater success. To mask their trepidation, they resort to excuses and blame the economy, the government and the global happenings out there. Many leaders have been prattling about change but they have been creating goals that are far too easy to achieve. There seems to be some limitations in the expectations and goals which they have set not only for the company but also for themselves. They fear making sacrifices. They are not strong enough to eliminate non-performers. They simply are unskilled and not bold and fearless enough to take on the job. Because of this, Positive Disruption is fiercely needed. Positive Disruption is a business strategy which requires the creation of Commercially Aggressive Leaders. This is a stronger form of leadership. There is courage, resilience and willingness from a leader to make a REAL difference. Whether the company is a small-scale industry or a globe-straddling network, the presence of a commercially aggressive leader in it will be a major driving force for its immense success, for its remarkable breakthrough and for its formidable operation in the future. It should be remembered, however, that Positive Disruption and the creation of Commercially Aggressive Leaders isn’t for every company. There is no room for softness in this kind of leadership. Hard decisions are made. Risky questions are asked. It is all about bold, daring projects. There’ll be none of doing the same things as they have been done many years before. There is palpable transformation and innovation in the business. The leader is all about change, putting plans into execution and getting the right people on board. Yet, despite the strength and the tenacity of Commercially Aggressive Leaders, they shouldn’t be put in the same category as dictatorial leaders. Commercial Aggression may be present but this type of leaders knows how to develop a high performance environment for everybody with open communication and with incentive growths. People lacking abilities may be kicked out but the right people for the job will surely be kept and well taken care of. Commercially Aggressive Leaders is a must in many industries today. Product knowledge isn’t enough in the business battleground nowadays. Exceptional people management, coaching skills, strong customer relationships, strategic marketing opportunities and actual execution of ideas are also deemed necessary. Making a difference is something that is truly lacking in many business leaders and managers today. Change is needed and it should be taking place fast before the company falters and succumbs to complete failure. To grow forward, Positive Disruption and the creation of Commercially Aggressive Leaders may simply hold the key.