How Much Is A Story Worth In Your Sales Process?

How Much Is A Story Worth In Your Sales Process? By Mick Mooney, KONA's Storytelling Specialist

How Much Is A Story Worth In Your Sales Process?

By Mick Mooney, KONA’s Storytelling Specialist

I was recently flicking through the internet and stumbled upon a video that was a great example of the power of story in business—power that converts to decisions and dollars. 

It was the late 60’s in a time where everyone wanted government funding for their programs. 

The Senate, in contrast, was in the middle of a massive cost cutting campaign spurred on by the President.

One project on the chopping board was the funding for PBS, the Public Broadcasting Service. 

Mr. Rogers, PBS’s Chairman, wanted to keep their funding of $20 million. The Senate wanted to cut the funding cut in half. Senator John Pastore gave Mr. Rogers six minutes to make his appeal. 

Six minutes, with $10 million on the line. 

When Mr. Rogers finished talking the Senator immediately blurted out, “I think it’s wonderful. I think it’s wonderful. Looks like you just secured your 20 million dollars!”

What was so wonderful? Statistics? Facts and figures? Detailed analysis? What did the Senator find so wonderful that he agreed to the maximum funding on the spot?

Mr. Rogers spent the entire six minutes telling stories. 

How much is a story worth?

In Mr. Roger’s case, about $1.65 million per minute.

The rational side of our brain is good with numbers, but doesn’t call the shots.

Statistics appeal to our conscious, rational minds. 

The problem is that that part of our mind is not in charge of decision making. 

Decision making is located in the part of the brain connected to emotion, that’s why when emotions are stirred, decisions get made, like the Senator, often on the spot. 

Do you want your clients to feel emotionally charged like the Senator felt at the end of a sales presentation: 

“I think it’s wonderful!”

Is that kind of emotion, that kind of connection, that kind of conviction, what you want?

Well, if you want that kind of response, choose the same strategy as Mr. Rogers. 

Tell stories that connect, that stir emotion, that are authentic and purposeful. Make sure your story isn’t a side note, but the main attraction in your pitch. 

Article by Mick Mooney

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