Don’t Waste Time On Sales Training If Your Managers Won’t Coach!

The KONA Group is recognised as Australia’s leading Sales Training, Call Centre Training and Sales Management Training organisation so obviously they will say that Sales Training and Call Centre Training is crucial for your salespeople and sales managers to grow your business in 2018. However, possibly surprisingly, they will also say that training doesn’t work if your managers aren’t going to get out of the office and follow up the training with on-the-job coaching No matter how great sales training courses are, it’s entirely different when your people are out there in the field trying to influence your customers to make a decision about your products or services. The truth is, when they’re face to face with the real scenario, they will remember 20% of what they were trained on. However, through ongoing Sales Management Coaching, they will remember and action up to 80%, which generates a huge ROI from your training investment So, how do you make sure that what your sales team has learned is adopted in their day-to-day selling operations? How do you get them to make your company’s sales training stick?

Drive the Sales Coach in Your Sales Managers

Sales Coaching Is the Key. Developing your sales managers to become effective sales coaches will go a long way towards ensuring your salespeople use and profit from the training programs your company has invested in. Developing your sales managers into effective sales coaches needs more than just applying the training-the-trainer concept. Customers are buying differently to the way they did 2 years ago, definitely 5 years ago, and absolutely 10 years ago, yet so many managers and salespeople are still managing and selling the same way they always have done You’ve got to introduce your sales managers to new attitudes, new ways to get the results they’re looking for, new ways of planning and structuring their weeks and months so that their focus is on developing their people and not writing reports or handling problems. Your Sales Managers need to master the coaching techniques and approaches that will enable them to help their sales teams consistently demonstrate the skills and sales processes learned during the Australian sales training workshops. Then if they may meet initial resistance or reluctance to change old behaviours, don’t let this intimidate you. Show your sales managers ‘Why’ this is the best way for them to make a significant impact on their sales team and on their sales growth.

Sales Coaching Develops Effective Sales Teams

To ensure your salespeople apply the learnings from Australian call centre training and sales training, and put them to good use in the field, your sales managers-turned-coaches must reinforce the specific skills, key approaches and techniques embodied in the training sessions. To do this, your sales managers must:
  1. Have clear plans and actions that are expected of each of their salespeople
  2. Communicate performance expectations that their salespeople will be assessed against
  3. Provide constructive one-on-one feedback, done on an on-going basis.
  4. Provide specific feedback on how the salesperson demonstrated the essential sales techniques in real-life sales situations when in front of customers.
  5. Master themselves, the skills and approaches and use them to get the teams to rally behind major sales initiatives.

Making the Learnings from Sales Training Stick Increases Success.

Typically, your company will invest in call centre training and sales training in Australia because you need to help your sales teams sell more effectively to grow the business. To drive this as a leader, you need to lead them not just with ‘carrots and sticks’ but with an effective sales management coaching system that improves the capability of your sales managers and salespeople. That way both will continue to learn beyond the classroom and adopt the skills and techniques from the sales training workshops into the real world of selling.

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