Don’t Let Poor Employee Health Break Your Business

With the fabulous array of buttons, gadgets and convenience products making life so much easier it’s easy to miss the damage it’s causing to your employees bones and your business. 10% of Australians have osteoporosis, which is costing $20million per day and businesses are struggling to afford it. Continual sitting, inactivity and obesity are fuelling the spread of brittle bones with the potential of simple fractures increasing and it has to STOP. Osteoporosis can now be seen in children and young adults and this is likely to affect your business. Don’t let osteoporosis break you, it’s avoidable. We need to make changes! To have a healthy business you need healthy people. Regular exercise and healthy food choices are major steps to strengthening bones and therefore improving productivity and decreasing the chances of sick leave. HR Managers and Team Leaders can make it happen with a Get Active program to help your employees eat, drink and exercise sensibly as you create a campaign for a healthy workplace. For more information about how you can make a difference to the health of your business please contact KONA’s Health and Fitness expert Timothy Kitching on 1300 611 288 or