Do not ‘execute’ your best sales person! By Robert Savellis

Many years ago I was promoted to Sales Manager and was asked to go ahead and create as many of me as possible. Recipe for success? The competencies of a Sales Executive and Sales Manager are very different. I did not take long to realise that sales management is a science, nothing happens by chance. The best coaches whether in sport or business lead their team and bring out the best in people, they do not clone themselves. Many people who are promoted to a management position do not understand the challenges and responsibilities that come with the role. Decisions made by rookie Sales Managers may haunt them for the rest of their time in that role. They may even burn out at no fault of their own. Senior executives do not have the skills or time to coach their staff. In my experience success comes sooner when senior management have the foresight to hire the services of a professional coach to ensure their new sales manager hits the ground running. The First 90 days in a new Sales Manager’s role can be a minefield, and everyone wants to give them advice on what needs to change. However beware, as the advice may sometimes also be biased. It is important that a line is drawn and a transition is made from Sales Executive to Sales Manager. Your Sales Manager will need to step back, set aside any biases and see the things through the eyes of a Sales Manager. 5 Steps to ensure success 1. Have discussions with your executive team outlining your plans and expectations. 2. Meet with your Sales Manager and clearly articulate your expectations in terms of company goals, budgets, Minimum Activity levels; management reporting systems etc. 3. Prepare an induction schedule and development plan for the Managers First 90 Days; set meetings with all stakeholders and ensure all stakeholders are presented with an agenda and clear meeting and coaching objectives are outlined. 4. Set regular meetings to ensure you are briefed on progress. 5. Do not assume that your Sales Manager will ask for your help, as some people may feel uncomfortable making you aware of what they do not know. Remember your Sales Manager will need to develop skills in managing staff, working with other departments, hiring staff etc. Bottom line KONA’s tag line is Hope Is Not A Strategy and far too many organisations in Australia ruin good Sales People by promoting them, then adopting an overly ‘macho’ attitude of ‘sink or swim’ Smart organisations just don’t need to let that happen Robert Savellis is the Sales Performance Specialist at The KONA Group, Australia’s leading corporate Sales and Sales Management Training and Coaching organisation. If your business is are not making the sales and profits you need, bring in the specialists in Australian Sales Training, Sales Management Training and Coaching and Call Centre Training from the KONA Group and provide your business with the expertise and tools to turn your results round Call 1300 611 288, or email Or go to or