Create Some Momentum and Get Out of Your Rut

As you look around your office, or even look in the mirror, sometimes you will see yourself or colleagues, friends or family members who are in a rut. Many have fallen into a mental and emotional hole and feel lethargic, despondent, slow, frustrated, angry and sometimes extremely down and depressed For all of us, when this lack of motivation kicks in this is an extremely dangerous time as the downward slide can increase quite dramatically and damage our business, performance and/or health. No matter if we are business people, sales people, sportsmen and women, overweight or a multitude of other roles, if we are not doing the Activity that Generates Momentum(A.G.M.) we emotionally and physically stop doing the key activities that create a result. Then not long after the results also start to flat line or even come to a halt In sales, A.G.M. is the # 1 principle of successful sales people as they typically spend more time out of the office meeting customers and prospects, than their office bound colleagues In health and weight lose, people who are slimmer typically take more exercise and eat less rubbish than theirunhealthier counterparts In relationships, the more we ‘settle down’ and do the same things over and over again, the more chance the relationship has of becoming stagnant I have a friend whose business is going through a tough time at the moment and he has gone to the doctors who filled him full of antidepressants When we reviewed how he was spending his weeks, 3 things stood out: 1. He has stopped arranging meetings with clients/prospects and network contacts 2. He has stopped exercising 3. He has started to believe his own excuses (which is making it easier for him to accept points 1 and 2) Negative Activity Generated Momentum = Negative Energy = Negative Results So if you are below budget, or feeling depressed, or your belt is starting to get tight around your waist, stop making excuses to yourself and others, get off your backside and start to drive the KEY ACTIVITIES that will CREATE A RESULT: Business Owners and Managers: Stop wasting time on reports that are based on the past and start to drive activity that generates more sales and customers Sales People: Get out of the office and from behind your computer and go and speak to more existing and new customers If you are depressed and down: What are some of the small changes to your levels of activity you can put into place every day to start to turn things around and get you and/or your business moving in the right direction? Please note: This blog is based on proven practical experience and not by someone who has never run a business, managed a team or built a sales Pipeline. So if we can help you get out of your rut, or you are interested in KONA’s AGM Process please call us on 1300 611 288 or email [email protected]