I have been in Glenn’s training groups for the past 10 months, 4 to 5 sessions. I have found him to be a very enthusiastic speaker with a wealth of knowledge for us to take on board and work with. His presentation is hands on and easy to work with. Working with KONA has had a huge impact on the Nova’s business as we have increased results in some areas by between 50 -100%. I would highly recommend him and his business.

Peter Delimitrou

The KONA Group has provided excellent customised training and coaching for our managers and staff at Nova Employment. First of all the KONA team gave a vast amount of knowledge to our managers on how to manage their staff. They then educated the employment consultants on how to handle difficult employers when telemarketing for jobs, before also giving them the skills on how to hold a face to face sales meeting. KONA have increased our jobs by 50% ever since they have been providing Nova managers and staff training and coaching. They are always willing to provide assistance when needed and are always available to call if we need any further help. Their training has been very successful for our organization and has been able to put Nova Employment in an extremely strong position. I highly recommend the KONA training and coaching as they are very good mentors in providing the best outcomes.

Anne Goyer

Since NOVA and KONA started working together we have almost doubled our results in less than 9 months! I had identified a need for developing our sales skills, but KONA delivered so much more than sales training to our business. Glenn encouraged us to take a step back, analyse our methods and develop a performance culture. As a manager responsible for performance, I appreciated that he clearly and fearless articulated our performance gaps from an outsider’s perspective to our management team, helped us to reverse engineer our results so that we could clearly identify what was needed to achieve performance KPI’s, and delivered practical, real world and customised training based on our business. I look forward to a continuation of our partnership with KONA and learning more to help NOVA move forward and be even more successful.

Belinda Hamburger

I would like to recommend The Kona Group for sales training that is succinct and professional and works. I would have to say that after the training that we had received we have noticed a huge difference to our KPI’s and have made for the great results that we are now seeing.