Call Centre Training

Improve Your Call Centre and Customer Service Team’s Skills and Results

Call Centre Training in Sydney, Australia

Are you looking to improve your Call Centre and Customer Service team’s skills and results?

Do you want to increase your sales and repeat business?

Are you looking to build lasting relationships and increase your market share?

KONA’s Call Centre Training programs turn your good people into winning people as your team will learn new techniques, hone their existing skills and become confident customer service partners to your customers

No matter what industry you operate in, no matter the size of your business, no matter the qualifications of your team, if you require results driven, highly effective Call Centre Training, contact KONA today.

Call Centre Training that Develops Champions

KONA Group’s Hearts and Minds Call Centre Training program has been crafted over years of experience in Sales Training and Customer Service Training in Call Centres. We will transform your good people into true champions by transforming their behaviour and their performance.

Does that sound too good to be true?

Feel free to go through our case studies and you will find clear evidence that our approach not only works, but it delivers results that will stun you.

What to Expect from Your Call Centre Training?

So what kind of results can you expect from your Customer Service Training?

Your sales people will:

  • Improve their productivity and reduce AHT (Average Handling Time)
  • Reduce Escalation
  • Increase Customer Retention
  • Increase sales conversions and revenues
  • Communicate with confidence and professionalism
  • Counter objections with confidence
  • Become effective negotiators
  • Build strong relationships from the top down
  • Convert a sales pipeline of inbound and outbound leads and inquiries

Customised Customer Service Training and Coaching

Generic, ‘off the shelf’, by the book, Call Centre Training Courses do not deliver effective results, and they are not the best use of your investment if you are looking to develop a highly effective team that deliver the results you need.

So if you are looking to increase the effectiveness and results of your Call Centre and Customer Service team, contact KONA today on 1300 611 288 or email [email protected] to discuss how we can help you improve your organisation’s results.

The KONA Group is Australia’s Leading Call Centre TrainingSales Training and Sales Management Training and Coaching company and provide Customised Training programs that include:  Sales Training & CoachingSales Pipeline TrainingKey Account Management TrainingCall Centre Training & coachingCustomer Service Training, Negotiation Skills Training & CoachingMotivational SpeakersHR ConsultingDISC and MBTI, and more.