Business Process Mapping – The 8 frustrations you can face without it

By Mark Hamon, Risk Management Training and Safety Consultant Sydney. Sometimes the work environment can be a little crazy, have you ever had those moments a customer calls and wants a solution yesterday. In these times staff can be stressed, time poorly allocated, communication breaks down and quality can suffer. Do you have a work culture where you’re constantly putting out spot fires and wish you could be more organised.  Streamlining of your business processes can reduce errors, reduce costs, and save on both time and money, so ask yourself the following questions about your operating processes:
  1. Are you sick and tired of dealing with bottlenecks and missing deadlines?
  2. Stressed or frustrated with customers complaining about errors or poor quality?
  3. Having to fit rework into an already busy and conflicting task schedule?
  4. Employees in denial or blaming each other when things go wrong?
  5. Conflict or low morale from a breakdown in team communication?
  6. Costs associated with task duplication or being missed all together?
  7. Frustrated at increased costs from reactive band aid solutions?
  8. Are longer or inefficient operating processes increasing your costs and reducing your profits?
Process mapping of your business operating cycles will support:
  • Communication and better understanding of the tasks
  • Allocation staff or employee responsibilities
  • Time allocation with stages of each work task
  • Better planning of materials and resources required
  • Inspections and standards for quality checks
  • Minimisation of employee frustration, conflict and stress
  • Customer confidence in your product or service
  • Reduced wastage of time and resources
  • Reduced rework costs and errors
  • Timely invoicing and payment from customers
Examples include:
  • Sales process mapping
  • Production process mapping
  • Service process mapping
  • Mapping of internal and external business procedures
Process or task mapping involves a KONA consultant visiting your workplace to create a mapping process customised for your business, the steps involved in this task involves:
  1. Mapping of your business process for product or service
  2. Analyse the process using proven methodologies
  3. Redesign the process
  4. Incorporate new resources into the change process
  5. Rollout change and communicate the process to all key stakeholders
  6. Management review of the improved process
If you have any questions about process mapping for your business operating cycles, then contact KONA Group’s Risk Management Training and Safety Consultant Sydney Specialist.  Mark Hamon can be contacted at [email protected] or call 1300 611 288