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guest bloggerThe KONA Group is inviting inspiring bloggers and writers to submit blogs or articles that will be highlighted on the KONA website at If successful you will receive full credit as the author of the article or blog and it will be presented to 1,000s of corporate clients and contacts via Linked In, Social Media, SEO, EDM and the KONA website. If you want to share a case study, tell the world your story, pass on tips to help others become more successful and increase your personal profile please email KONA Managing Director Glenn Dobson today at What are we looking for? Interesting, practical and challenging business articles across various topics of your choice including Sales, Management, Marketing, Leadership, Call Centres, Customer Service, Operational Effectiveness, WHS, Risk, Resilience, Motivation and Perseverance, the ridiculous Fair Work Australia and IR laws or any other topic of your choice Blogs and articles of about 400 words must be interesting and topical, challenging and opinionated, educational and thought provoking. Please do NOT send blatant promotions or advertising for your business or services If you are interested in submitting content, please email with your details and we will be happy to publish you The KONA Group Because Hope Is Not A Strategy 1300 611 288