437 Reasons Why Cold Calling is Not Dead

437 Reasons Why Cold Calling is Not Dead

I used to work with a Business Manager who in a previous life had been an officer in the Australian Military. In all senses of the word he is a tough man. He used to jump out of planes at 30,000 feet in the pitch black of night; swing in through windows on the end of a rope to free hostages; a master at non armed combat.

Then he got into the world of business and realised to survive in the commercial world one key skill he needed to have was – how to prospect, including how to cold call people he had never met.

After all of his past life or death experiences, this was the greatest fear he had ever had to overcome. It resulted in him procrastinating and finding other things to do, other than picking up the phone to build his business.

Most people dread cold calling a prospect even though it could lead to a sale.

In our experience in running Power Hour training, the 3 biggest mistakes that many people make is that:

  1. They don’t plan enough contacts beforehand so never get on a ‘verbal roll’;
  2. They don’t practise what they are going to say and therefore get tongue tied;
  3. They actually try to gain a commitment on a cold call by talking about their products/services rather than what they can do for customers

The reality is people have never appreciated being interrupted at work to talk to a complete stranger and then having to make a commitment, unless there is going to be a real benefit to them.

Trying to sell a particular product or service the first time you talk to somebody is a huge mistake.

Here are 5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Team’s Prospecting

KONA include these five steps in many of our Sales Training and Power Hour Prospecting programs that have resulted in Participants achieve the following results:

  1. Making 437 appointments in ONE POWER HOUR!
  2. Another team made 361 appointments in ONE POWER HOUR
  3. A third team SOLD over $1,200,000 of stock in ONE POWER HOUR

Step 1. The first thing is make a list of 50+ target contacts, including names and numbers (preferably mobile).

Step 2. Then develop some sort of script. (You do not have to follow every single word but a script can help you avoid blunders that most people commit when under pressure).

Step 3. With a little bit of Research and Customer Insights you should know what are potentially some of the issues and problems your prospect might have in their business, either by position/role, industry/market segment or business environment that you can help overcome.

Step 4. Clearly develop a WIIFT – “What’s In It For Them” – benefit to with meet you

Step 5. Then ask for a time and date but don’t try to book it too soon. Aim for a couple of weeks away when people typically have more space in their diaries than this week.

Becoming Proficient at Cold Calling

With experience and the right mindset that you are helping prospects with a solution to their problems, you will gradually improve and become proficient at Cold Calling.

And the Business Manager I mentioned at the beginning? He is now highly successful and the driving force behind one of Australia’s most recognised brands

Note: KONA’s Power Hour and Sales Training programs are about results and appointments, NOT theory and promises. 

Therefore, as part of the training workshop we can actually have participants on the telephones calling real life customers and prospects so that you gain an immediate ROI!

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