4 Ways to Embrace ‘Old Style Sales’ with New Technology By Garret Norris

Research has proven that it is a) 7 times less costly to keep a client than it is to win a new one, and b) it takes a minimum of 5 ‘touches’ or contacts to develop a relationship

In 2014 it has never been easier to stay in contact with your clients and prospects, through frequent, quality communication via Digital Marketing.

(Note the focus on ‘Quality’ rather than’ Quantity’ as organisations have realised (some too late) that with Digital or Online Marketing any information sent out must be targeted to the specific audience and not “white noise”).

Smart businesses are communicating with their clients and prospects by using web based CRMs (customer relationship management) systems or communication tracking tools.

Companies that employ a web based tool understand that by tracking their customers, they can decide on various technological ways in which you can stay in touch with them.

Here are 4 ways you can connect with your customers and inform them constantly about your business and while none of the following 4 points are new, the question is how often and how well does your organisation do it?

  • Online Networking – Utilizing social networking permits you to interact with your whole database at once.

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are all extraordinary online networking tools and depending on your type of business (B2B; B2C; Channel; Enterprise etc) a robust approach to turn your prospects into clients, as well as keep your current clients informed.

Set up groups and/or forums for question and discussions to generate ‘stickiness’ and learn what clients need and what they don’t need.

This will help you improve your products or service offering which will eventually help you maintain your clients

As a real-life example check out https://www.linkedin.com/groups/KONA-Group-5173068

  • EDM – Email promoting through an e-newsletter could be sent daily, weekly or monthly.

(One of KONA’s clients currently sends out 8,000,000 emails a day to their members)

You can additionally send a variety of broadcasting messages that are sporadic advertisements that will illuminate the client on new services offered.

Auto-responders (which are particular email promoting messages that are composed ahead of time and sent to subscribers on particular days) can additionally be customised in email marketing just to make sure that your clients receives the information the moment they need it.

  • SMS Text – With your clients’ permission you can get in touch with them utilising quick updates and messages to their mobile phones.

If they have joined your database you can also utilise SMS to send specials, coupons, openings or appointments.

A good example of how SMS updates can grow your business and retain clients is one of Queensland’s top SmashRepairerssends an SMS update t their clients at each stage of the car’s repair process.

This keeps their clients informed and engaged and feeling part of the process – A huge benefit away from the Industry Customer Service levels of years gone by!

  • Occasion Marketing – An incredible approach to inviting people to an event or gathering is to send an online message to clients using sites like evite.com or eventbrite.com.

These invitation management tools permit clients to create tickets, contact or name labels, and produce programmed email messages to welcome visitors and enlist attendees.

A smart business uses the available technology to identify their client’s needs and how to respond to them appropriately as they realise that by keeping in regular contact with their clients can make them an invaluable resource.

If not clients and customers will switch to other businesses that offers what they require.

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