4 Easy Steps to Improve Your Decision Making

In our recent article At What Age Should You Trust Your Gut Feeling we stressed the importance of when to trust your ‘Inner Voice’ and yet too many Managers make decisions without really looking at the trends behind performance and behaviours that lead up to their decisions.Apply These 4 Easy Steps to Improve Your Decision Making In this era of Fair Work Australia and Industrial Relations laws, where Employers are being treated as the enemy, this is a dangerous practice and therefore it is crucial that any decision made is based on Identified Repeated Behaviours (or IRBs). It doesn’t matter what the situation is – if you are recruiting; if you are thinking of promoting someone; if a customer is late in paying; if there is a staff performance issue; service at a cafe/restaurant; gifts at Christmas, the list is open ended, and in almost all situations, there are 4 easy IRBs that repeatedly demonstrate a trend and help you to make a decision. So next time you need to make a decision consider these 4 simple steps:
  1. If something happens once, it’s an occurrence
  2. If the same thing happens twice, it’s a coincidence
  3. If it happens 3 times, it is a habit
  4. If something happens 4 times, it’s an undeniable fact!
For example, In KONA’s Sales Management Training and Coaching programs, we regularly discuss how if you are thinking of promoting someone, identify how many times did they hit target in the last 4 months? Once – is an occurrence; Twice – is a coincidence; 3 times – demonstrates a positive performance habit; 4 times – it is a fact that they know what they are doing and should be considered Conversely,
  1. If one of your team comes to work late once it’s in occurrence.
  2. If they arrive late twice that’s a coincidence and needs to be acknowledged with them.
  3. If somebody comes late to work 3 times this is starting to become a habit and potentially a problem and must not be ignored.
  4. If somebody comes to work late 4 times there is definitely a problem with either their life out of work or their attitude to work, and must be addressed immediately.
So next time you need to make a decision apply these 4 IRBs to your decision making and it will help uncover how consistent the other person or supplier is, or if they are a one hit wonder; or a ‘peaks and troughs performer’ or ‘living off past glories’. The KONA Group is Australia’s Leading provider of Customised Sales Training and Sales Management Training and Coaching  and provide customised training programs that include: Sales Training & Coaching, Key Account Management Training, Call Centre Training & Coaching, Negotiation Skills Training & CoachingConference & Motivational Speakers, and more. If you would like to discuss how KONA’s Sales TrainingSales Management Training and Call Centre Training will improve your organisation’s results, contact Glenn Dobson today on 1300 611 288 or info@www.kona.com.au or text 0425200883.