3 Simple but Overlooked Tactics to Generate More Business

It’s not unusual for Business Leaders and Managers to review their successes and failures, shortcomings and opportunities at the end of the financial and calendar years as even if an organisation is performing well, there is usually an opportunity to get better.

With the speed of change in business today, in many organisations the new financial and calendar years drives new technological advancements and new strategies to improve results on the previous year.

However even though this might be the time to contemplate how you can execute new initiatives to develop your business, stay in front of your rivals, and expand your client base, don’t lose sight of the 3 current marketing strategies that many organisations just aren’t maintaining consistently and effectively.

For you to take your business further, consider these 3 marketing strategies this year to help you convert more potential clients and increase sales and profits.

Quantify Marketing Results and ROI

The huge mistake that most companies made in 2013/14 is failure to quantify their marketing results. For you to have a better marketing strategy, you will need to track your marketing efforts to know how you are performing at the moment.

Setting up a page on a social media site like Facebook is a good start however you must analyze the data based on likes, shares and comments. This will enable you to know what to do or not to do and how to capitalize what your client’s opinions and feedback

Social media sites open the door to customer feedback which must be constantly reviewed.

Compliments should be accepted and leveraged while complaints must be addressed (professionally) and considered as a ‘gift’

As a client found recently when we reviewed their social media site, the online customer feedback was scathing however the client had no idea as they weren’t monitoring their site!

Feed the Animal

Having created your website to help market your products or services is just not enough.

These days technology has grown immensely and it is the primary source of information for people looking to buy products and services, however it is crucial that you don’t have a ‘set and forget’ website

A decently designed site with important data like what you do, what you sell, who you are, and who you do business with is only as good as the quality and quantity of new information you load up on to your site.

Your online and digital marketing strategy should include uploading regular blogs, articles, videos, testimonials, downloads, images etc, the list goes on

By regularly ‘feeding the animal’ Google sees your site as being active and therefore ranks you higher than your competitors more static website

And if your excuse is you don’t have time, just ask each of your employees to write an article or blog, then post the best ones onto your website

Mobile Management

Smart businesses have realised that employees and customers are not office bound any more.

They are now able to work in places outside their offices and at varying times of the day and night.

A suitable strategy should encompass this evolving reality, permitting employees and customers to get information at any particular time they require so as maintaining competition at the market.

Amazingly we spoke with one organisation recently who wouldn’t give prospective customers access to any pages on their website until they had completed a form to gain a login!

And they couldn’t understand why no-one was reading the content, never mind generating leads

There are many lessons to be learnt from last year but one of the most important ones is that customers are looking to engage with suppliers more than ever before so if you don’t keep up to date with ‘how’ they are looking for you and ‘what’ they are looking for, you are giving your competition a free kick

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