Human Resources in this day and age is a lot more than it used to be.

HR today plays a significant role in developing positive business culture and improving employee engagement as well as productivity – all of which work towards the growth of the business.

HR is an area of expertise many successful people do not have the skill for. Here are 10 Key Factors why HR is Important:

  1. They drive business success by attracting and developing the right talents and helping people to grow
  2. They influence the direction and leadership of an organisation
  3. They build and shape the culture and values of organisations
  4. They activate the most important gene in the DNA of organisations – the people
  5. They understand the business and how people add value
  6. They strengthen the human capital, the main asset of organisations today
  7. They balance the interests of organisations and people
  8. They have a two-way-focus considering both the people and the organisation
  9. They support new roles and new ways of working with people at the centre
  10. They translate innovative ideas into good working practices

Get HR right and you are well on track to business success.

Consider the consequences of no HR. When employees do not feel supported, are not being given opportunities, receive little or no training and educational growth – this results in poor motivation to perform and extremely low productivity.

Note HR has a serious knock-on effect on your bottom line.

Human Resources give employees a platform in business to want to do their best, and employees that celebrate their workplace have already won the marketplace.


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