Will 2/3rds of Your Workforce be Underperforming in 2014?

Around Australia faulty machinery, computers and vehicles are quickly repaired or replaced when they do not perform as they should. Yet poor workplace health that decreases effectiveness and motivation; obesity that increases sick leave, and poor food choices that saps energy and contribute to afternoon slumps are generally accepted by Australian Managers Medibank states that 60% of the population is overweight or obese and this ghastly cocktail decreases productivity and profits which costs $40BL annually, and employers are paying for it! With potentially up to 2/3 of your workforce under performing, is 2014 the year to do something? If you want more of your workforce performing at higher levels then it’s time to make changes and these changes should include The 5 Steps to Healthy Performance Seminar from KONA’s Health & Fitness expert Timothy Kitching In Timothy’s  highly motivating 5 Steps to Performance Seminar he addresses the health issues affecting your organisation and lays the practical foundation for 2014 to:
  • decrease sick leave
  • decrease stress
  • improve clear thinking and decisions making, and
  • increase productivity to increase profits.
Key topics Timothy will cover include :
  • How to Overcome Temptation
  • How to Exercise Without Pain
  • How to Make Healthy Food Choices
  • How to Create New Healthy Habits
If you want to Put the Health Back into OH&S then contact Timothy on 1300 611 288 or email [email protected] to book a 5 Steps to Performance Seminar 2 or 4 hour seminar in your workplace to Kick Start the New Year Alternatively, if you are running a Sales Training program or need a Motivational Conference Speaker for your next event book Timothy to energise your group and make a difference to your employees in 2014.