James Michael

Glenn Dobson is a rare individual worthy of being on anybody’s list of potential mentors. Glenn is an entrepreneur, successful business-operator, world-class Ironman Triathlete, terrific father and rumour has it, a pretty good husband! We have worked together on various projects over the last decade and I continue to marvel at his pragmatic ability. Glenn is a master at taking any ‘theory’ in the field of sales and translating them into immediately applicable methods for any client. He truly understands that “Results Count” and has consistently been able to cut through the bullshit in our project work, for his clients and in his own businesses. If you ever wanted to see a living breathing example of a ‘balanced’ individual who exemplifies Covey’s “Important vs. Urgent” Glenn is your man. Add to that Collins’ “Disciplined (person), applying disciplined thought and taking disciplined action.” and you’ve found yourself a winner! Good on you Glenn. You really are a role model.