Executive and Leadership Training

Do You or Your Team Require Executive and/or Leadership Coaching to Reach Your Full Potential?

Are You Seeing Talented or High Potential Individuals Plateau or Under Perform?

KONA’s Coaches Help Executives and Leaders to:

  • Create and communicate a real value vision for the future
  • Improve current skills and behaviours including people skills, working outside of comfort zones, improving self-awareness, and more
  • Fast track people with potential through succession planning
  • Improve leadership team performance through accountability
  • Evolve silo managers into business leaders
  • Develop and execute commercially aggressive strategies
  • Understand and drive the critical processes, competencies and behaviours
  • Maximise operational effectiveness

The Results of KONA’s Leadership Coaching are Clear. We Ensure:

  • Strategy translates to execution
  • Continuous improvements leads towards operational excellence
  • Individuals foster a ‘culture of leadership’
  • Leadership abilities are developed at all levels of an organisation, from team leader to general manager
  • Sales managers become sales leaders
  • ‘high-potential’ employees become leaders of the now and the future

To enquire about how we can assist your business through Executive and Leadership Coaching, please contact KONA:

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