Day 9 – The Final Day and over $370 000 Raised!

tour-de-force-final-day-pic-2016 The final day of the 2016 Tour de Chance started with a flat coastal route out of Kiama before heading up hill and down dale to Audley Weir We left Kiama with a few hangovers after last nights TdC celebration event and many wished they had left the celebrating until after day 9 and not the night before! The first hour and half was a reasonably quick ride along beautiful undulating roads then past the burning flames of Port Kembla steel mills before we stopped for a short caffeine hit overlooking the harbour in Wollongong. However the pleasure soon turned to pain as we climbed up the steep and challenging escarpment out of Wollongong and into the Heathcote National Park via Thirroul and Stanwell Tops. Why do these hills seem SO easy when sitting in a car! After having enjoyed for so many days the long open roads in country Victoria and NSW, one final major challenge we had to face was to be wary of the rev-heads and family cars who were racing the bends of the national parks, all needing to be at their destinations 10 seconds sooner. Finally, after one last burst of energy, we all rolled safely into Audley Weir where riders and crew were met by family, friends and many of the young people we are raising money for. After over 1,250 kms and 80 hours sitting on a very narrow saddle; through freezing cold and burning heat; horrendously steep uphill climbs and crazy downhill descents; flat tyres, potholes, kerbs and drainage grates; falls, concussions, cars, caravans and trucks, we all dismounted for the final time this year, tired, relieved and happy with a job well done At time of writing we have already received over $372,000 in donations which will open 2 new brand centres and provide meaningful employment, work experience and skills development to over 120 young people with the most significant disabilities in our community. Even better news is that once open these centres will not require further donations as they will become self funding, hence with your support The KONA Group is helping to make a long term, sustainable difference to these young people. There is still time to donate at as every dollar WILL make a difference Next step: Over the last few years The KONA Group has helped to raise over $1,300,000 for various causes so if you or your organisation are interested in the next KONA Charity Challenge please just give us a call or email [email protected] Alternatively, KONA is Australia’s Leading Sales and Sales Management Training and Coaching company, and we provide customised training programs that include: Sales Training & Coaching, Call Centre Training & Coaching, Key Account Management Training, Negotiation Skills Training & Coaching, Motivational Conference Speakers and more. So contact KONA today on 1300 611 288 or email [email protected] to discuss how we can help you to improve your team or organisation’s results.