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Tailored Customer Service Training Global Program

The KONA Group’s CSO training is a world-class training program. Our customer service training is designed to provide the foundation for your commercial success – by delivering excellence in customer experience.

Our intention is that training should be proactive, enjoyable, engaging and useful. We take a stand against dull, jargon-heavy and policy-heavy sessions – that turn training into something participants feel they have to do, rather than want to do.

The KONA Group’s customer service training programmes have a core framework, but are adaptable to any sector. Our KONA Group workshops are designed to be practical and interactive. This gives each of our team the flexibility to deliver your programmes in a style and format that is personal to them and your organisation.


Your Customer Service Team is Often the glue that holds the business together, yet far too often Customer Service People:

  • Are inconsistently achieving their KPIs
  • Escalating calls too readily
  • Have product, knowledge and systems training, however are lacking in communications skills
  • Don’t handle conflict well with customers or have poor C-Sat scores
  • Are often more concerned about keeping under Average Handling Times than helping customers
  • Lack structure in their customer conversations


Do you really know your Customers?

  • Your customers are those who use the output of your work. They may be:
    • Internal to your organisation (for example, your personnel function has all employees as its customers)
    • External (members of the public, other businesses, or government or public bodies).
  • In identifying customers, distinguish between purchasers and end users. You will probably wish to compile a database so you can profile your customers.

What is Your Customer Service Culture?

  • You are unlikely to get close to your customers unless the culture of your organisation encourages such a relationship. Staff should be trained to think “customer first” – those who are not customer-focused can endanger the success of the organisation by:
    • Making inappropriate decisions
    • Failing to respond to changing situations appropriately or quickly enough
    • Neglecting to serve customers in a way that promotes their loyalty.
  • If the culture in your organisation does not support a customer-focused approach – implement a program of long-term culture change.
  • Remember – every section of your organisation has customers. Staff in direct contact with external customers cannot provide effective service without the internal support of colleagues all along the chain.
    • To encourage internal service departments to adopt an outward-looking customer focus, their operators might work for a week or two in the department they service.

Their customer service managers often struggle to:

  • Motivate and improve the skill sets of their people day in and day out
  • Understand the core people management principles of running a customer service team
  • Have those ‘tough conversations’ with non-performers around attitudes, behaviours and performance
  • Change mindsets and attitudes of negative team members
  • Coordiante, coach, motivate, monitor, reward and reprimand around outcomes, not tasks
  • Manage people who are ex-peers, older or more experienced
  • Transition from being ‘one of the team’ to their leader

So, do your Customer Service Managers know:

  • How to prioritise and manage time?
  • How to set goals?
  • How to coach performance not read reports?
  • How to coach a future strategy?
  • How to plan, monitor and assess performance?
  • How to motivate activity that drives results?
  • How to give feedback?
  • How to coach on the desk?
  • How to hold performance reviews?
  • How to transition from ‘doer’ to manager?
  • How to manage conflict?
  • How to deliver effective presentation to staff?


KONA Group’s Customer Service Training will help your customer service team to:

  • Increase first call resolution and customer satisfaction
  • Increase customer experience and relationships
  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase the morale and performance culture of the business
  • Increase KPIs achieved
  • Increase additional products and services sold
  • Reduce staff turnover

Does your organisations have an inaccurate perception of their customers’ needs and does your team:

  • Make untested and unwarranted assumptions about what customers think?
  • Rely on weak anecdotal evidence?
  • Assign too much weight to atypical complaints?

Customer focus needs to pervade every level of the organisation. Ask these questions:

  • How often do your key decision-makers and strategy formulators deal face to face with customers?
  • Does your business have a Customer Service Tracking System in place?
  • What is your business’ Customer Service Strategy?
  • Is Objection Handling an issue amongst your CSO?

A period on the front line would increase their awareness. Learn How!

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – Bill Gates.

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