Customer Service Training

Your Customer Service Team is Often the ‘Glue’ that Holds the Business Together, Yet far too Often Customer Service People:

  • Are inconsistently achieving their KPIs
  • Escalate calls too readily
  • Have product, knowledge and systems training however are lacking in communications skills
  • Don’t handle conflict well with customers or have poor C-Sat scores
  • Are often more concerned about keeping under Average Handling Times than helping customers
  • Lack structure in their customer conversations

Their customer service managers often struggle to:

  • Motivate and improve the skill sets of their people day in and day out
  • Understand the core people management principles of running a customer service team
  • Have those ‘tough conversations’ with non-performers around attitudes, behaviours and performance
  • Change mindsets and attitudes of negative team members
  • Coordiante, coach, motivate, monitor, reward and reprimand around outcomes, not tasks
  • Manage people who are ex-peers, older or more experienced
  • Transition from being ‘one of the team’ to their leader

KONA Group’s Customer Service Training will help your customer service team to:

  • Increase first call resolution and customer satisfaction
  • Increase customer experience and relationships
  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase the morale and performance culture of the business
  • Increase KPIs achieved
  • Increase additional products and services sold
  • Reduce staff turnover

To discuss how KONA Group’s Customer Service Training and Coaching can improve your business’s results, contact KONA Group:

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