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As you think about your Call Centre and Customer Service team, what “keeps you awake at night?”

Your Customer Service Representatives:

  • Are below target or inconsistently achieving their KPIs
  • Escalate calls too readily
  • Must utilise a range of counter offers
  • Have product, knowledge and systems training however are lacking in communications skills
  • Don’t handle conflict well with customers
  • Are sometimes more concerned about keeping under Call Time KPIs than understanding their customer
  • Lack structure in their customer conversations
  • Induction and/or training is often focused on product and systems, not customer engagement

Your Team Leaders need to:

  1. Motivate and improve the skill sets of their people
  2. Implement a retention plan to retain their best performers
  3. Know how to conduct one-on-one coaching with CSRs to develop their ‘conversational (soft) skills
  4. Have a consistent unified approach to performance management
  5. Become more “hands on” as sometimes they do not believe they need any improvement
  6. Ultimately, achieve KPIs

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KONA’s Proven Call Centre Training

KONA will assist you to get your Call Centre team through our proven ACTC Process

  • Phase 1 Assessment: Assessment of your team’s current ability through Double Jacking and listening in on calls and benchmarking teams capability and/or interviews
  • Phase 2 Customising: Training and coaching program’s customised to your business and for your teams specific needs.
  • Phase 3 Training: Workshops that fit in around your team’s work load and call times and are tailored and aligned to your teams needs, including ‘Engaging Conversations’ and how to Greet Customers; Ask Questions to positively Gain Information; Probe for the “Why behind the Customer’s Issue”, Manage Complaints and Hostile Customers; and how to structure a conversation that builds a stronger relationship
  • Phase 4 Coaching: On the Job follow up and coaching is critical to ensure that training content is implemented and reinforced on the phones and not left in the ‘classroom’. The coaching phase cements the transition from ‘theoretical’ to ‘practical’ application of the newly acquired behaviours, knowledge and skills, and importantly secures your ROI

Expected Outcomes

  • Increase in First Call Resolution (less Escalation)
  • Increase in Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase in Customer Retention
  • Increase in KPIs achieved
  • Increase in Products sold or retained
  • Reduction in Staff Turnover
  • Drop in Average Handling Times

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