Where have all the role models gone?


The hasty and undignified departures of the CEO’s of DJ and HP have a greater story to tell than for the crimes they have been accused of. There is more to it than who did what to whom, how often and where and how high the punitive damages will be. While the courts will decide the role and fate of the perpetrators and victims and the punishment, the major losers are the employees of the respective companies,numbering in their thousands who now find the reputation of the companies they work for in tatters and the butt of cheap jokes at the water-cooler. Senior managers in all organisations need to understandthat they have a role beyond the boardroom (not the bedroom) and the balance sheet (not the bed sheets) and that their responsibilities require them to be an authentic role model to their employees and communities.
So who are Australia’s role models?
On recent evidence it cannot be our politicians (cue State and Federal) or our sportsmen (cue golfers and cricketers).It’s a question I ask of all the executives I coach and none identify anyone in their organisation as someone they would wish to emulate (Nelson Mandela is the most popular choice). It looks like there is an obvious gap in society for role models. Many of our senior managers could benefit from being challenged by value based coaching to see if they have the self-awareness and moral fortitude as well as the business acumen to head their companies. At least that way, they cannot say that it is lonely at the top and that they have no one to talk to. In conclusion,after the GFC (Global Financial crisis), we now have the GLC (Global Leadership Crisis).Do you know of any captain of industry who has the courage and is the custodian of standards that will leave a legacy of fairness, equality and justice in their organisations long after they are gone? If so,contact sonny@www.kona.com.au

Sonny Mathews– Is a highly credible and empathetic asset capable of inspiring individuals at CEO, senior and middle management positions. He has over 25 years of International Business expertise, across a number of wide range of functions, and as a business consultant and coach