Three Steps to Great Business Presentations

If you think a head full of knowledge and years of experience is enough to deliver a great business presentation – think again. It only gives you the credentials.

Successful presentations have their own unique skills and elements that need to be acquired and developed; like everything it takes practice.

Remember these three power steps…

1. Your role is to impart specific information to a specific audience and at a level they can understand, follow and remember. You are 100% familiar with your information but your listeners are hearing it for the first time.

When creating your presentation ask yourself… will they understand or know what I’m talking about? Approach your presentation from their side to get a feel for how it will land.

2. Build your talk around key points e.g. A report on project X may be organised around…

  • Issues and problems the audience face and relate to
  • Team personnel and cover skills, training, performance, needs  etc
  • Marketing and detail strengths, weaknesses, impact, brand awareness etc
  • Sales and include budget, costs, performing or non performing areas, profit etc
  • Outcomes and take always

3. Conclude with recommendations to clear the path for increased performance; or include your take home message in the form of required actions for the next step.

Incorporating the three power steps will maximise your effectiveness and strengthen your reputation as a skilled performer in your role.

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