Customer Service Training – Case Study

The KONA Customer Service Training is recognised globally for the results it produces and ROI. This Customer Service Training Case Study looks at a national retail chain that was consistently under-performing and it had a Customer Service team with very low moral and productivity. After taking part in the Customer Service Training, the team’s performance and perspective had made a dramatic turn-around:

  • “We used to have only 2 people out of 10 on target. Now, with their training we had 8 out of 10 on target last month.”
  • “I am getting more customers coming back to me”
  • “I am selling more add- ons”
  • “My time with the customer is being better spent as I am building better relationships and quicker”
  • “I am able to match products to the customer more effectively and the customers have been happier with their choice”
  • “The sales process is now a lot less intimidating”
  • “The customers are more relaxed as my approach is more personal and in depth”
  • “The customer came back & asked for me” because “You are the first store that has known what I want”
  • “I was able to break down barriers quicker and we got down to business quicker”
  • “We built rapport quicker as we were more conversational and both of us were more relaxed and less pressured”
  • “I am able to give better service to the customer as they trust you more”