Negotiation Skills Training and Coaching

How Effective are Your People at Managing Negotiations?

Do they:

  • Have a clear negotiation strategy and contingency plan?
  • Know at every step of the negotiation process what they need to communicate and achieve?
  • Understand the personality profiles and negotiation style of their customers?
  • Identify and handle the negotiation tactics regularly used by buyers to get what they want?
  • Communicate value in a negotiation without relying on price?
  • Leave meetings wondering, “why is it that only the people who push their ideas the hardest, or speak the loudest, get heard around here?”

KONA Group’s world-class Negotiation Skills Training & Coaching program is customised to your Business and your negotiation requirements.

Expected Outcomes from your customised negotiation skills training include:

  • Increased profitability: it has been calculated that over 5% of operating costs can be saved through better negotiation (source: CEBR Research, 2009)
  • Improved confidence and effective negotiation capability even in complex, high pressure situations
  • The ability to own the negotiation, control the approach and improve the profit outcome
  • The skills to identify and handle the negotiation tactics regularly used by buyers and tailor approach to different trading psychologies
  • The knowledge of how to trade across a complex range of concessions, not relying on price
  • The ability to differentiate between the “overt” and “covert” positions of the other party to recognise real business needs, overcome barriers, manage conflict, and secure the deal

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