Customer Insights – Surveys

Customer Insights - Surveys

The evidence in favour of improving customer experiences is compelling. 97% of executives believe that great customer experience is critical to business advantage*.

KONA Group delivers simple data solutions through online and offline surveys to capture extensive information that will provide valuable insights into your customers’ needs and purchase intentions to ultimately drive your business strategy and measure results.

Utilising a tested and trusted system powered by Cemplicity to collate and analyse ready-to-go and customised survey results, KONA reaches small and large samples of targeted people with tested questions that solicit open feedback to help you make better decisions for the business.

Customer Insights Powered by Cemplicity

KONA Group has partnered with Cemplicity to deliver detailed customer results and feedback through surveys that are powered by a seamless and easy-to-use design.

Cemplicity CEM is designed by people with deep, hands-on experience working with customers to capture feedback from all touch points and share feedback for action and improvement*.

The KONA Group and Cemplicity businesses are built on a culture of trust and integrity. The Cemplicity CEM system design supports privacy and confidentiality of all information and ensures all information remains secure*.


To discuss how KONA Group’s customised and ready-to-go surveys can help you understand and effectively target your customer, contact KONA Group:

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