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KONA Bespoke Sales Training

Customised Sales Training delivered to you and your team as part of the reputable KONA Academy© program. We offer training Australia wide including our key hubs of Sydney and Melbourne. Our KONA Sales Academy Program covers many modules at varying levels of learning.

As well as core content, the modules address an array of progressive topics. For example, let’s take a quick peak at Sales Struggles faced by all at some point in their career, from individuals in the field to leadership teams. Sales Struggles tackles the many sales setbacks, with learning blocks addressing:

  • KPI Deficiency: missing sales KPIs too often
  • The Dangers of a “Comfy” Pipeline: current regular business comes from existing “friendly” customers or clients only with no steps in place for fresh leads
  • Timid Talks: uncomfortable speaking with decision makers in leadership positions or management
  • Price Pitchers Haggle Ditchers: only comfortable talking about price and product specs, but lack the fine art of negotiation
  • Clogged Pipeline: missed opportunities in the Pipeline due to not chasing or revisiting shelved leads
  • Do you work with a COISBI? Can’t Own It, So Blames It – that one person that blames others, the market, products or services, customers, accounts, the price of petrol when it comes to not hitting target. They hope they will hit target, but if they don’t they are not to blame “COISBI not my fault”.

The KONA Hearts and Minds™ methodology is what you and your sales team should be striving for. Here is what you should be accomplishing in a very short time frame:

  • Refine prospecting skills and create new business instantly
  • Establish solid customer/client rapport at all levels of business
  • Develop essential tools to build the Pipeline of Tomorrow not Today!
  • Reform current time management plan to increase productivity and results
  • Optimise the ROI from each sales meeting
  • Understand the Importance of the Emotional Contract – what is the genuine need of your customer/client, how can you help them?
  • Using elements of SPIN Selling learn how to ask better open questions to get the information you really need to help your accounts.
  • Learn to read your audience and the significance of presentation
  • Become a Closing Specialist by improving and heightening the learnings of the all-important often neglected Closing Skills – the vital techniques needed in closing a sale and negotiations

KONA customise every Sales Training and Coaching program to our client’s business and teams, and are facilitated by experienced professionals. We do not run generic, off the shelf, ‘by the manual’ sales training courses, delivered by theoretical trainers or academics. Receive a FREE Sales Capability Assessment for your team by contacting KONA today at, or call 1300 611 288 

Contact KONA to discuss how Hearts and Minds™ selling will change your sales people’s results. Call: 1300 611 288 | SMS: 0481965405 | Email:


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We cover all States Australia wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart.

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