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Sales leaders need complete visibility of the sales funnel to accurately manage the forecast and pipeline. KONA Pipeline Training and Coaching helps sales leaders to develop a customised funnel process for their organisation.

Through this, sales leaders are better able to examine their sales team’s behaviour, making the necessary adjustments to improve performance.

The KONA Pipeline Training and Coaching programme helps sales leaders, managers, and mentors to work with their sales team to stay close to potential sales opportunities, while sharing best practices that lead to closed deals.

Using sales funnel methodologies, the KONA Group Sales Pipeline Training and Coaching enables sales leaders to coach their sales teams as well as allocate resources where appropriate.


In a survey published in Harvard Business Review, companies with ineffective Pipeline Management reported an average growth rate of 4.6%, conversely companies that implemented three specific pipeline practices saw 28% higher revenue growth.

The three specific practices are:

  • A clearly defined sales process
  • Spending at least three hours per month on pipeline management
  • Training sales managers on pipeline management


For most businesses the pipeline (or sales funnel) consists of:

  • Multiple stages that lead to the successful invoicing of a service or product
  • Opportunities within each stage of the sales process that require careful and consistent management and assessment
  • A forecast ‘close date’ and probability of closing for each opportunity
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Executing a Professional Sales Pipeline Process is The Backbone of Your Organisation’s Future Success

  • How confident are you that you and your salespeople will consistently hit target?
  • How much time do your sale people NEED to spend face-to-face with customers?
  • How many new customers / proposals do your salespeople need in their pipeline to achieve target?
  • What are the key activities that will drive their results?
  • How do your salespeople manage the average lead time from identifying a new opportunity to invoicing it?
  • What is the historic fall out rate from your existing accounts?

KONA Customise Sales Training Programs to YOUR business and market that will develop your Salespeople to be able to:

  • Refine prospecting skills and create new business instantly
  • Establish solid customer/client rapport at all levels of business
  • Develop essential tools to build a Robust Pipeline of future sales
  • Reform current time management plan to increase productivity and results
  • Optimise the ROI from each sales meeting
  • Develop Questioning and Listening skills to understand the genuine needs of your customer or client, not just present product or service features
  • Learn to present with Professionalism and Confidence
  • Become a Negotiation Specialist to close more sales

To discuss how KONA Group’s Sales Pipeline Training and Coaching will help your sales managers and sales people hit target, contact KONA Group:

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