Personality Profiling

DISC Profiling

How your employees communicate with each other and with your customers can affect the overall productivity and success of your organisation.

MBTI Profiling

Myers Briggs (MBTI) is The World’s Most Popular Personality Profiling Tool for Organisations. Over 75% of the Fortune 500 have used Myers Briggs through their business.

HBDI Testing

The HBDI® Test is a powerful psychometric assessment that defines and describes the degree to which we Think in the four quadrants of the Whole Brain® Model.

TMP Reporting

The Team Management Profile (TMP) is a personalised report, which gives individuals valuable insights into the way they prefer to work and their preferred role within a team.

Treat the Cause Not the Symptom

There is an old saying that says “50% of my people could be good, 50% could be bad, I just don’t know which ones are which”.

Recruiting and retaining poor performers can be a costly and unproductive task so improve your Recruitment and Retention process and use the insights of a range of organisational, team and/or individual assessment tools.

KONA uses Psychometric and Personality Testing to treat the ‘cause’ of your people’s performance rather than providing a quick fix to their symptoms.

We use these tools to help you solve your organisations performance challenges by uncovering your people’s true profiles (not just what they showed in their interview).

These include their:

  • Attitudes
  • Behaviors
  • Capabilities
  • Personalities
  • Skills
Click on the Personality Profiling Tests to see the difference:

Hope Is Not a Strategy so to inquire about how we can assist your business through Personality Profiling, please contact The KONA Group today on:

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