Our Team


Garret Norris is the KONA Group CEO. He is the company’s Sales TrainingCall Centre Training, DISC and Negotiation Skills Specialist. Garret is the heart beat of both the KONA Group and the industry, setting the benchmark in both the leadership and the sales sector.


John Wright is a highly driven executive and client focused business leader with vast experience across a variety of corporate disciplines. John is a dynamic contributor to the KONA Group with client communication and company growth at the foreground of his framework.


With near on a decade of experience working in business development, marketing and sustainability across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, Afra has first-hand experience navigating the world of multinationals and start-ups.


Glenn Dobson is the KONA Group’s Senior Mentor. He has built an outstanding reputation as a Personal Mentor, helping individuals of all ages to achieve goals they never thought possible. He is a specialist Business, Health and Sport Mentor.


Sarah El-Moselhi is the KONA Group’s Executive Assistant to the CEO, and a Facilitator.

Her extensive background in communications and journalism has provided her with a strong track record in leading newsrooms, as well as the results proven management and training of individuals and teams.


Brendon Walker is recognised for having a broad and exceptionally unique skill set that draws from his 15+ years’ experience in both sales and marketing. Brendon is a powerful force within the KONA Group with an eye for detail and company progression.


Tim Kitching holds more than 20 years’ experience leading teams and businesses across corporate Australia, the private sector, government and law enforcement, and brings a unique perspective to the KONA Group in his areas of expertise; ranging from strategic planning, sales strategy and performance, high performance coaching to cultural change and staff engagement. Tim’s skills and leadership are a key asset to the KONA Group.


Maud Vanhoutte is a soft skills specialist in communication, body language, and presentation skills, with a strong focus on leadership and management. She has 10+ years of experience in facilitating interactive and dynamic corporate training workshops across varying industries.

Her supreme approach comes with a unique pedagogy: interactive and dynamic! With the highest integrity, Maud provides authentic coaching and training from the heart, with passion and purpose.



Caroline works collaboratively with clients in supporting them to overcome their diversity challenges in their business. She has a proven experience in designing and delivering engaging diversity and unconscious bias training programmes helping organisations identify their core strengths. Caroline provides measurable recommendations on how management and their teams can make the most of their diverse abilities.


Jan Marsden is an experienced and proven HR specialist with a broad business background in Senior and Executive Management.


Julian Khursigara is a Business Growth Specialist with above standard expertise in Saas Sales.

For more than 15 years Julian has been embedded in leading enterprise and marketing businesses. His mastery lies within the hospitality, airline, customer engagement, CX and fintech industries. Julian’s stand-out achievements involve the exceptional use of data insights to develop sales strategies, P&L Management and building profitable partnerships across Australia and Asia Pacific. Julian is an asset to the team.

Mark Hamon


Mark Hamon is a highly experienced business leader with 17+ years’ experience across a wide variety of business management, risk and resilience disciplines. Mark is highly passionate about integrated management, business risk, continuous improvement, culture, strategy and planning. Drawing upon real-world experience across private sectors, government and defence force services, Mark has provided his skills and leadership to organisations across Australia, Europe and North America. Mark is a power player for KONA with a defence and offence approach to business growth in a dynamic environment or times of uncertainty.

russell Wilce


Russell Wilce is a highly experienced salesperson and a business growth coach. He excels in establishing business strategy, procedure, and systems to increase sales and skyrocket KPIs. Russell specialises in building and growing teams, working alongside and upskilling teams and individuals at every level of business – from supporting the reps out on the road to providing direction and guidance to directors and leadership teams.

paul van Eck kona


Aimee is the groups office support, with her strengths and capabilities covering all departments. With her extensive experience in people management and guidance, her capabilities to genuinely engage with clients and customers comes naturally.

peter ollerton kona


Peter is a sales and business growth specialist with international experitise.

With over 40 years’ experience globally across a multitude of technology industries, Peter sets an industry benchmark in IT Growth and Sales training.

As a highly respected business operator, Peter excels across all platforms and has helped teams as well as individuals in global corporate companies through to SME and small business.


Phillips Street.
Neutral Bay NSW.
Australia 2089.


Suite 1 | 432 Smith Street,
Collingwood Victoria.
Australia 3066.


Empire Bay Drive
Kincumber, NSW
Australia 2251.


Suite 1 | 2 Gipsy Hill,
London, SE19 1NL.
United Kingdom.

We cover all States Australia wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart.

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