Our Team

Garret Norris

Garret Norris is the KONA Group CEO. He is the company’s Sales TrainingCall Centre Training, DISC and Negotiation Skills Specialist. Garret is the heart beat of both the KONA Group and the industry, setting the benchmark in both the leadership and the sales sector.

Glenn  Dobson

Glenn Dobson has built an outstanding reputation as a sales performance specialist with the KONA Group, proven business builder, Hawaii ironman and in-demand trainer, coach and conference speaker.

John Wright

John Wright is a highly driven executive and client focused business leader with vast experience across a variety of corporate disciplines. John is a dynamic contributor to the KONA Group with client communication and company growth at the foreground of his framework.

Brendon Walker

Brendon Walker is recognised for having a broad and exceptionally unique skill set that draws from his 15+ years’ experience in both sales and marketing. Brendon is a powerful force within the KONA Group with an eye for detail and company progression.

Timothy Kitching

Tim Kitching holds more than 20 years’ experience leading teams and businesses across corporate Australia, the private sector, government and law enforcement, and brings a unique perspective to the KONA Group in his areas of expertise; ranging from strategic planning, sales strategy and performance, high performance coaching to cultural change and staff engagement. Tim’s skills and leadership are a key asset to the KONA Group.

Julian Khursigara

Julian Khursigara is a Business Growth Specialist with above standard expertise in Saas Sales.

For more than 15 years Julian has been embedded in leading enterprise and marketing businesses. His mastery lies within the hospitality, airline, customer engagement, CX and fintech industries. Julian’s stand-out achievements involve the exceptional use of data insights to develop sales strategies, P&L Management and building profitable partnerships across Australia and Asia Pacific. Julian is an asset to the team.

Danny Andrews

Danny Andrews is our concept and business development sales strategist.

Danny is a solutions specialist across numerous sectors, from industrial, leasing, superannuation, retail, information technology all the way to the bright colours of the entertainment industry. Danny has knack for identifying both the strengths and weaknesses of his clients to help them grow their business independently and with a solid framework. Danny is a valuable cog in the KONA Group network.

Mia Van Tubbergh

Mia Van Tubbergh is a Business Growth Specialist with the KONA Group.

With over 20 years of B2B and B2C Sales, Mia is passionate about training productive and profitable sales teams. Mia is highly effective in building sales strategy and is determined to put the flair back in the sales industry. Mia is a strong proponent of the KONA Group’s acceleration.

Jan Marsden

Jan Marsden is an experienced and proven HR specialist with a broad business background in Senior and Executive Management.

Mark Fallon

Mark Fallon is an engaging Certified Workplace Trainer & Assessor – consultant – coach.

Grahame Murphy

Grahame Murphy is a highly regarded management consultant and business coach, combining lessons learnt in senior executive roles and experiences in extreme physical endeavors

Catherine Woodley

Catherine Woodley has over 15 years’ experience in corporate sales & marketing roles working for multinational corporations such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Pernod Ricard and knows first-hand what it takes to survive and thrive in fast paced and stressful business environments.

Michael Werle

Michael Werle is an accomplished, commercially focused senior human resource business partner and executive leader. He has a technical trade background and over 20 years human resource generalist and industry experience in both the public and private sectors.

Mary Morris

Mary Morris is an exciting and motivating facilitator in the field of Performance Development.

Sarah El-Moselhi

Sarah El-Moselhi is the KONA Group’s Executive Assistant to the CEO.

Sarah thrives on working within challenging environments, delivering quality input to support the KONA team and an integral part of the company’s rapid and continuous growth. Prior to joining the KONA Group, Sarah excelled in people management as a Bureau Chief of a large television news room, coupled with her specialist writing and research skills as a broadcast journalist for more than 15 years.


Suite 1,
11 Phillips Street
Neutral Bay NSW
Australia 2089.


Suite 1,  2 Gipsy Hill
London, SE19 1NL
United Kingdom


Suite 1,
432 Smith Street
Collingwood Victoria
Australia 3066.

We cover all States Australia wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart.

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