Interim Sales Managers

Hearts & Minds Sales Methodology

KONA’s Interim Sales Managers will work as your Sales Leader and be focused on building and developing the total sales capability of your team.

Your Organisation would Benefit from an Interim Sales Manager if:

  • You need to keep your sales team focused and motivated until you recruit a permanent replacement
  • Your Sales Manager isn’t up to it or has left
  • Your sales people are not being led, coached, motivated or driven
  • Your current Sales Manager needs to be mentored and helped
  • Future results do not look good and you can’t see any real plan of action to change it
  • Your sales strategy is not being executed
  • Your market is changing and your share is not keeping up
  • You know you need to do something, but not sure how or where to from here

This Includes:

  • Executing your sales strategy
  • Establishing and managing sales plans of action
  • Leading sales by working in the field identifying, opening and closing opportunities, and supporting the sales team in their execution of agreed action plans
  • Driving performance
  • Building ‘bench-strength’ by ensuring that the refreshed way of driving sales is embedded

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