Interim Management Services

Interim CEO & COO/CMO

KONA Group’s Interim CEO and COO/CMO and Senior Executives Provide the Resourcing to Help Overcome Strategic and Operational Challenges

Interim Sales Managers

KONA’s Interim Sales Managers will work as your Sales Leader and be focused on building and developing the total sales capability of your team.

Interim GM Sales

KONA’s Interim GM Sales gives you immediate access to proven Sales Directors who will fill a crucial sales leadership role in your business on a short or long term basis.

Interim GM HR

Under the current Fair Work Australia and IR Laws, employing and managing staff, especially when they don’t perform, is a dangerous minefield.

Change and Implementation Management

The KONA Group employs world-class methodology for effective change management, focusing on four separate stages

Interim Management Services

KONA Group Offers Interim Management Services for Small and Large Organisations.

KONA Group’s Interim Management Services gives you immediate access to proven interim managers who will fill crucial roles in your business on a short or long term basis.

The 7 Key Reasons Organisations Use an Interim Manager are:

  1. You can’t find the person you need quickly enough
  2. Incumbent Sales Manager/Sales Director, COO, CEO, CIO, HR Manager, is overloaded (or hasn’t been recruited yet)
  3. Important projects are beyond current resources or deadlines
  4. Current managers lack the specific skills or capability to overcome a serious problem
  5. You have a restricted head count/budget but have a short term need
  6. You need to create immediate change
  7. Fair Work Australia legislation has made you fearful of employing someone full time

KONA Group’s Interim Managers Give Your Business:

  • Immediate access to experience, expertise, skills and processes required to make an impact on your business
  • Speed and scale as the Interim Manager will hit the ground running
  • Focus on critical activities to execute strategies
  • High return activities and results
  • Total objectivity – focus is on results not internal politics
  • Handover of IP after the contract finishes to help sustain results

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