Customer Insights

Customer Insights

How Do You Know What Your Customers Really Want?

KONA Group provides data and results based on actual customer and business feedback.

  • Determine how you can acquire future customers based on understanding what their true needs are
  • Retain your customers by understanding their needs and satisfaction levels
  • Understand your competitor and industry trends to forecast internal and external influences
  • Bring your customer trends to the forefront of strategic planning and decision making
  • Regulate your business spend by allocating budgets to the right areas for the highest return
  • Analyse internal performance of teams and individuals
  • Measure results in relation to business forecasts

KONA Group’s Customer Insights is a crucial step in the entire sales and business improvement cycle.

Each key area within KONA’s sales and business improvement proposition can be influenced by the other key areas. However, Customer Insights has a valuable impact on EVERY business area from the start, during, and completion of the improvement process.


Customer Insights Cycle

KONA Group obtains information for your business through various custom methodologies depending on what information is required.

Online and offline surveys provide easy-to-understand quantitative data from large scale samples based on a set of pre-determined and tested questions.

For a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and satisfaction, focus groups and interviews are designed to obtain rich qualitative insights that help to determine what drives their behaviour and purchase intentions.

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