Power Hour Training

During 3 Recent KONA Power Hour Training Workshops, The Participants:

  1. Made 437 appointments in ONE POWER HOUR!
  2. Another team made 361 appointments in ONE POWER HOUR
  3. A third team SOLD over $1,200,000 of stock in ONE POWER HOUR

Are Your Sales People Winning Enough New Business?

  • If your sales people are not speaking with enough new customers and prospects
  • Are reluctant to pick up the telephone to call people they don’t know
  • Can’t make appointments with senior decision makers
  • Can’t get past ‘the gatekeeper’
  • Have overstocks that need to be cleared

KONA group’s Power Hour Training Program gets results and PAYS FOR ITSELF!

Your Team will Learn the Disciplines and Skills To:

  • Prepare for a Power Hour
  • Develop confidence and conversational sales skills
  • Overcome objections and ‘gatekeepers’
  • Gain appointments, sales and commitments
  • Earn immediate rewards and recognition

Note: this program is about results and appointments, NOT theory and promises. Therefore, as part of the training workshop we can actually have participants on the telephones calling real life customers and prospects so that you gain an immediate ROI!

To increase the sales activity of your people, contact KONA Group:

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