Andrea Westwood

Some things just change everything

On a fateful day in 1999, Andrea Westwood went off to do one of the things that she loves to do – horse riding. Having taken time off from her professional career, she was pursuing her passion for horses.

Halfway round the Centennial Park circuit, the horse panicked and went flat out for home. Teetering on the brink with a galloping horse for ½ a kilometre, she finally parted company… She woke up to find herself carted off to hospital and the news was a broken back. She thought -But that can’t be – I have things to do places to go, people to see.

Someone, somewhere had other plans. 7 weeks in hospital, flat on her back. Ever resourceful, she extended her arm’s reach with long handled tongs, had her laptop hooked up to the hospital telephone, and she had the time of her life. And over that 7 weeks, and the 6 months to full recovery, her life took a completely new direction…..

She would never advocate such a dramatic event to other people, but if you want to hear her story of courage, faith, and resourcefulness – there may be something you can take away for yourself.

As for her professional career – Andrea Westwood has spent over 10 years helping organisations change and grow their businesses through transforming their people.

She has worked extensively in Australia, Singapore, India and HK where she has developed her Cultural Diversity coaching skills and her roles within pharmaceutical companies have been instrumental in them receiving the Australian Quality Award.

Look to Andrea if you need an experienced executive to help take your business to the next level in areas including:

  • Staff engagement
  • Leadership development
  • Team building
  • Strategic thinking
  • Whole Brained organisations
  • Program / project management and delivery
  • Executive coaching

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